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Ted Gisclair Floodgate

Floodgate Status

Floodgate & Lock Details

Width: 56 feet

Sill Elevation: -15.3 ft below sea level

Length of Lock: 450 ft


       Ted Gisclair Floodgate (Larose): 10 feet

       Leon Theriot Lock (Golden Meadow): 13 feet

Both Closed-S.png

Updated 7:30 AM on 6/25/2024

Scheduled daily openings during Larose Ted Gisclair Floodgate closures:

 6am ∙ 9am ∙ 1pm ∙ 6pm ∙ 10pm ∙ 2am

NOTE:  These scheduled opening times do not apply when a total closure  (no foreseeable scheduled openings) is observed.

Scheduled openings for Golden Meadow Leon Theriot Lock:   

Every half hour on the hour and half hour (i.e. 10:00, 10:30, 12:00, 11:30, etc.)

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