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We are committed to being proactive in increasing the level of flood protection for the South Lafourche Community.

Local project funding comes from a combination of a 5 mil property tax and a 1% sales tax collected within the boundaries of the Levee District.

Funding from the Louisiana Coastal Protection & Restoration Authority (CPRA) comes from a combination of the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act (GOMESA) and annual budget surplus funds from the State of Louisiana.

Section E-North Levee Improvements

Directly protecting the area east of Bayou Lafourche from E 28th St. to E 44th St., this project utilizes material excavated from less than 2 miles away to ultimately raise the height of this stretch of Section E-North to a final elevation of +14'.


State Project #: BA-0231

Engineer: Picciola & Associates, Inc.

Contractor: Construction Site Specialties

Construction Start: June 2023

Projected Completion: November 2024

Project Length: 2 miles

Target Elevation: +14.0'

Volume: 556,036 cubic yards

Total Cost: $3,989,321.00

Funding Sources: 

   GOMESA: $2,293,357.46

   LA Surplus: $1,475,400.49

   SLLD Funds: $220,563.05

E-North Project Location.jpg

C-South Floodside Repairs

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida in 2021, SLLD's Debris Removal Contractors successfully cleared the levees of storm debris, largely consisting of floating marsh vegetation.  The equipment required for this task caused damage to the flood side toe of the levee along Section C-South.  Approximately 12 inches of material was lost as a result of these damages, causing approximately 6" of tidal water to remain on the berm, jeopardizing the structural integrity of the surrounding area.  Contractors have begun placing 2' of stockpiled borrow material along a 1 mi stretch beginning where Section C-South intersects with Reach L of the Morganza to the Gulf Levee


State Project #: n/a

Engineer: Angelette Design, LLC

Contractor: Compeaux & Sons Construction, LLC

Construction Start: October 2023

Projected Completion: December 2023

Project Length: 1 mile

Target Elevation: +2.0'

Total Cost: $400,000.00

Funding Sources: 

   FEMA: $400,000.00

C-South Floodside Project Location.jpg

Section F Berm Improvements

Running along the northeastern most portion of the system, Section F runs from the Intracoastal Waterway to the Clovelly Farms area in Cut Off.  The protected side berm, which provides stability for the main body of the levee is as low as -4 to -5 feet below sea level in some spots.  Contractors are currently working to raise the berm up to sea level.


State Project #: BA-0250

Engineer: Angelette Design, LLC

Contractor: Sea Level Construction, Inc.

Construction Start: October 2023

Projected Completion: May 2024

Project Length: 4 miles

Target Elevation: +0.0'

Volume: 154,300 cubic yards

Total Cost: $3,278,530.00

Funding Sources: 

   GOMESA: $1,700,000.00

   LA Surplus: $1,578,530.00

Section F Berm Project Location.jpg

Larose Floodwall Vessel Impact Barrier

The Larose Floodwall protects the Delta Farms community against flooding from the Intracoastal Waterway.  Though originally constructed by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), SLLD has completed improvements to the structure.  The USACE installed rock armoring along the base of the wall from Bayou Lafourche to the Hwy 308 GIWW overpass.  SLLD is continuing armoring efforts with installation of pile clusters to prevent impacts to the wall from vessels traveling along the GIWW.


State Project #: BA-0249

Engineer: Angelette Design, LLC

Contractor: Low Land Construction Co., Inc.

Construction Start: November 2023

Projected Completion: March 2024

Project Length: 0.5 miles

Features: 50 12-pile clusters & 49 7-pile clusters

Total Cost: $2,104,420.00

Funding Sources: 

   GOMESA: $1,000,000.00

   SLLD Funds: $1,104,420.00

Larose Floodwall VIB Project Location.jpg
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